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Breno Piero. Journalist, Screenwriter and Writer

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Rio Branco College

Pleasure. I’m Breno Piero. Journalist, Screenwriter and Writer. Born and raised in São Paulo, but in love with the climate of the countryside. If I had my way, I would hole up in a farm and live off writing, with a backdrop of mountains and sunsets on the horizon.
Speaking of writing, let’s start with Breno the writer? Back in 2010, I had an idea for a book. But the idea grew so much that the book became a trilogy. The first one, called ” O Legado Sobrenatural O Despertar do Eleito “, was released in 2012. Yes, it has been a while, hasn’t it? After all, where is the second part?

That’s where Breno the Journalist comes in. In 2008, I joined RedeTV as the international editor of the program Leitura Dinâmica. In 2013, I took over the direction of the program, something that needed my attention 100% of the time. I grew a lot in the profession, took on other projects over the years, and even learned how to produce and edit documentaries. One of them was broadcasted in 4 countries ( What Happened to Brazil ), in partnership with BBC London.

Mackenzie College

So, it is time to meet Breno Screenwriter. When I graduated from college with a degree in journalism, way back in 2002, I also chose to take another course, that of screenwriting. As a child and young man, I always wanted to act and direct movies, series and soap operas. I found in the screenwriting course the chance to get closer to this. Knowing more about screenwriting helped me a lot in editing the documentaries, a program that started in 2015 and ended in 2020, because of the pandemic.

And it was in 2020 that I decided to go back to writing the second part of ” O Legado Sobrenatural “. And to take advantage, in parallel, to write a novella, which is quite different from doing a book, you see. I am still struggling with so many characters.

To create all these people and stories, it took reading, and a lot of it. But it was never a heavy burden for me. Since I was a child, I learned to enjoy comic books. I collected Disney comics, Turma da Mônica, Marvel, DC. Not to mention the many books I used to buy and devour as quickly as possible.

Anhembi Morumbi University

Another thing I like a lot is watching movies and series. I easily exchange any bar or club for a good screening. Nothing compares to traveling through the world of fiction.

Maybe the fact that I consider myself an extremely shy person causes me to close myself in this cocoon, facing the television. Introspective, I find it very difficult to make new friends. But I promise I am a nice person, okay? Very calm, fun, focused, a friend for any hour.

I ended up becoming an even more homely person after I adopted a dog in 2019. I have always loved animals, but I never brought one home because I never thought it was fair to keep an animal. For me, freedom is one of the most important things in this life. For animals and people. I still feel guilty about leaving my dog at home, but as I’ve been told, better at home than on the street, cold and hungry. That is what comforts me.

If you have patience with me, I promise to always try to write for you. The website, the book, the novel, and whatever else life brings me.

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