O despertar do eleito

O Legado Sobrenatural promises to transport the reader to a world where faith, the occult and even history are mixed together in an exciting race against time through the 4 corners of the world and all the mysteries that surround our daily lives.


An archaeological dig reveals to Denis Muhlbauer a secret that has existed since the beginning of time. A chest that holds a part of a manuscript. Each piece is scattered around the world and together they will bring supernatural and unimaginable power to the so-called “chosen ones”. And the brotherhood behind it all decides to do whatever possible to get the archaeologist and his friends out of the way. Without caring about the consequences. The conflict is just beginning and a new group is going to be formed, willing to prevent the Brotherhood from succeeding. The search for the chests begins now. And it will be a battle with no turning back for many. A war that will define the entire future of humanity. Get ready for a breathtaking adventure, full of mysteries, twists and betrayals. No one is what they appear to be.

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Release of the Book

Augusta Theater, Saint Paul, Brazil
April 21, 2012
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