What Worries the World? July 2021

What Worries the World? July 2021

Concern about Coronavirus is fluctuating from country to country.

Which thee of the following topics do you find the most worrying in your country

( * change vs last month )

Coronavirust (Covid-19) ( * = )36
Unemployment ( * -2 )32
Poverty & social inequality ( * -1 )31
Financial/Political Corruption ( * = )30
Crime and Violence ( * = )26

Generally speaking, would you say things in this country are heading in the right direction, or are they off on the wrong track ?

( * % change vs last month )

Right Direction ( * = )37
Wrong Track ( * = )63

Base: Representative sample of 20.502 adults aged 16-74 in 28 participating countries. June 25th – July 9th 2021.
Source: Ipsos Global Advisor. Global score is a Global Country Averange. See nethodology for details.

On July 29, 2021, the Research Institute (IPSO) released a study titled: “What Worries the World? July 2021”, which reveals important data.

While concern has eased in 14 countries, the public has become more worried in 13 others.

However, it is still the world’s top worry and we continue to see some clear shifts at the country level. Meanwhile, 63% say things in their country are on the “wrong track”

We are reproducing part of this study:

Ipsos headline findings from the July 2021 wave of What Worries the World survey include:

  Across 28 countries, 36% say that Covid-19 is one of the top issues facing their country today. This is the joint lowest level seen in our survey so far, equal with last month and down 14 points since the start of this year.

  Worry about Coronavirus has eased in 14 countries compared to last month, but it has become more pronounced in 13 others.

  We see larger jumps in levels of Covid-19 concern in Israel, Russia, South Africa and Australia. Meanwhile, it has fallen most in India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Argentina and Canada over the past month.

  After Coronavirus, the issues that people around the world are most worried about are Unemployment, Poverty/Social Inequality, Financial/political corruption and Healthcare.

  Overall, 63% say that things in their country are off on the wrong track, vs. 37% who say they are going in the right direction.

Read the full article on the link below:

What Worries the World? July 2021

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